How Does the Trial Offer Work?

A trial offer is a way to get the full 30 day supply of 90-Second Rapid Wrinkle Control where you pay only $3.95 upfront and enroll in our monthly subscription. After the trial expires (14 days), you are charged $99.95 for that initial bottle. Every 30 days thereafter, you will be charged $99.95 and shipped another bottle. A trial is not a free sample. The price of $99.95 that you pay is for the full 30 day supply bottle that was shipped out. The Maximum Moisturizer trial is only $4.95 upfront and just like the 90-Second Rapid Wrinkle Control trial. You will be enrolled in our monthly subscription. After the trial expires (14 days), you are charged $89.95 for that initial bottle. Every 30 days thereafter, you will be charged $89.95 and shipped another bottle. A trial is not a free sample. The price of $89.95 that you pay is for the full 30 day supply bottle that was shipped out. When you order a trial, you have to check that you agree to our terms and conditions and enroll in our monthly shipment program. Applicable sales tax may be applied to all charges.

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We allow only 1 trial purchase per household. Our products are not free samples. Our products are trials. The trial period begins on day of order. To clarify, it does not begin when you receive the product.
You are ordering a serum bottle of Abella Mayfair with a 14 day trial offer that costs $4.95 for shipping and handling, and on day 14 you will be charged for the full price of $99.95. Orders are shipped via the US postal service. If you choose to keep the product beyond the trial period, you then will be charged the full amount of $99.95. Your 14 day trial begins when you place your trial order. If you are not satisfied with your Abella Mayfair trial offer, cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. If you are satisfied with your Abella Mayfair trial offer, do nothing and your credit card will be charged an additional $99.95 approximately 45 days after you placed the order for your trial shipment. For every 30 days thereafter, we will automatically send you a 30-day supply of Abella Mayfair. The credit card you provide today will be billed $99.95 14 days after your trial order is shipped to you, $99.95 will be billed to your credit card with each successive shipment thereafter.
Failure to use the product(s) does not constitute a basis for refusing to pay any associated charges (i.e. trial charge). Returned merchandise requires a delivery confirmation from the shipping provider. We will not provide any refunds or accept any returns for any cancellations of trial orders made more than 30 days after placing your trial order.
For recurring orders: All sales after the trial period are final.

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Cancellation of Future Orders

If you wish to cancel future deliveries of Product you must contact Our Customer Service at 1-(250) 483-7496 , or by email at and request that such future shipments be terminated. When emailing us, please include your full name and address, as well as the name of the Product(s) that You ordered. Your request for termination, whether by phone or email, will be processed immediately; however, You will be responsible for payment for any Product that has either A) already been shipped to You or B) already been delivered to you at the time of your call. Since cancellation applies only to future orders that have not already been shipped or delivered, there is no need to return anything.

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